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Our mission has always been to bring all of Rembrandt's paintings together. To make their beauty and their stories accessible for everyone. We were able to do this, thanks to the connections, knowledge and dedication of the late Prof. Dr. Ernst van de Wetering.
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The only complete collection
Remastered for the world of tomorrow
For our first project in 2006, we brought together, in life-size, the hi-res images of over 300 paintings made by Rembrandt. We studied them thoroughly and digitally remastered them to how the Dutch Master painted them originally. Following the first exhibition in Amsterdam, we organised many more exhibitions around the world as well as published books.
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Our exhibitions 'Rembrandt All His Paintings' and 'Rembrandt Remastered' travelled the world and attracted over a hundred thousand Rembrandt enthusiasts. In cooperation with Prof. Dr Van de Wetering, we published the book 'Rembrandt; A Life in 180 Paintings'.
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In loving memory of
Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering (1938-2021)
Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering spent his whole life studying Rembrandt; his paintings, etches, drawings and his whereabouts. Besides Rembrandt himself, Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering is probably the only one in the world who saw all of Rembrandt's paintings in real life. Rembrandt's paintings are scattered around the world, as some reside in private collections and some have even been stolen. This makes it impossible to see his complete oeuvre.

All of our projects are dedicated in memory of Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering (1938-2021).
     A look into the future
Our core goal is the realisation of a metaverse museum containing all of Rembrandt's paintings combined with all of Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering's knowledge and content about Rembrandt’s life and art. We intend to make this possible through an NFT sale of our unique and remastered version of The Night Watch – in its original full size - in 8,000 pieces. The buyers together will form the founders and treasurers, the Night Watchers, of the MetaRembrandt Museum and earn access to several perks and privileges.
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