Keep Rembrandt's legacy alive and accessible
for everyone
Rembrandt van Rijn was an exceptional painter in his time
Rembrandt produced a truly unique body of work, centuries later still resulting in admiration and study of his works. His oeuvre is of such high quality that it deserves attention and therefore should be and remain accessible and insightful to everyone. That is what Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering, TCR holding and the Rembrandt Heritage Foundation have been working on for many years.

To keep his work alive and accessible for future generations , we founded the Rembrandt Heritage Foundation. The foundation stands for bringing all of Rembrandt’s paintings together, digitally remastering the paintings, cherishing the joint legacy of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering as well as keeping it available for posterity.
The only complete collection - remastered for the world of tomorrow
TCR Holding BV is the organisation that, together with Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering collected and remastered all of Rembrandt’s paintings in digital high quality This was done in order to make Rembrandt’s entire oeuvre accessible in the form of exhibitions and books. To keep his legacy alive, we founded The Rembrandt Heritage Foundation, the initiator and driving force behind the MetaRembrandt Project. Launching Rembrandt’s oeuvre into the metaverse. And onto the blockchain.
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